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Fire-proof board mesh cloth

basic information
grey fabric cloth


The fiberglass mesh cloth takes fiberglass woven fabrics as substrate, with high polymer alkali-resistant emulsion soaked coating. Therefore, it has good alkali resistance, flexibility and high tensile strength in warp and weft directions, and can be widely used for insulation, waterproofing and crack resistance of interior and exterior walls of buildings.


Fiberglass mesh cloth is mainly made of alkali-resistant fiberglass mesh cloth. It is made of medium-alkali-free fiberglass yarn (mainly composed of silicate, with good chemical stability) twisted and woven by a special tissue structure - leno, followed by high temperature heat setting treatment such as anti-alkali solutions, enhancers and the like. 




Main performance and features:


1. Good chemical stability: alkali resistance, acid resistance, water resistance, cement corrosion resistance, and resistance to other chemical corrosions; strong adhesion to resin, soluble in styrene, etc.


2. High strength, high modulus and light weight.


3. Good dimensional stability, stiff, flat, not prone to shrinking or deformation, good positioning.


4. Good impact resistance. (Because of high strength and good toughness)


5. Moldproof and mothproof performance.


6. Fireproof, heat insulating, soundproof, and dielectric performance.




 Main uses: 


1) In wall reinforcement materials (such as fiberglass wall mesh cloth, GRC wallboards, EPS interior and exterior wall insulation boards, gypsum boards, etc.


2) Reinforced cement products (such as Roman columns, flues, etc.),


3) Special mesh sheets for granite and mosaic, marble back-glue net


4) Waterproof roll cloth, asphalt roof waterproofing cloth,


5) Skeleton materials for reinforcing plastic and rubber products,


6) Fireproof boards,


7) Grinding wheel base mesh cloth,


8) Geogrid for road pavement,


9) Caulking belts for construction, etc.

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